Houston 2021 Archives

Our Mission Simulation is over and done with. Thank you to everyone who attended and/or assisted!

A YouTube playlist, which features our opening and closing ceremonies, along with Old Queen Bingo and the convention planners’ meeting, can be found at:


The Memorial Panels video can be viewed here.

Houston, We Have A Promenade announces merchandise for sale with all proceeds going to support our 2021 calling staff. Visit:


…and scroll down to the bottom.

  • Polo Shirts $35
  • T-Shirts are $20 for sizes through XL. Extra charge for XXL and above.
  • Refrigerator magnet $5
  • Houston original mission patch $15
  • Houston mission simulation patch $15

We will place an order with our vendor as soon as the minimum qty is achieved and fulfillment will occur once the order is received.

We have also made arrangements to sell the limited edition 2020 and 2021 IAGSDC Badge Bars. Bars can only be purchased from Convention Planners, Inc.

If your badge has buttons, you will be able to purchase those from the badge vendor in Minneapolis.

To preorder the “ghost bars”, please complete the order form at: