New Dancers

Are you a new square dancer? Or perhaps you’re an experienced dancer but this is your first IAGSDC convention? You probably want to know what to expect.

You’re in the right place! There’s a Guide to IAGSDC Convention written just for folks like you:

A few basics:

  • If this is your first IAGSDC convention, we have a special lower rate for you. See our Registration page for details, under “First Time Attendees”.
  • As is typical for most IAGSDC conventions, we will offer full-time halls for each level, Mainstream through C2. (C3A and C3B usually share a hall, but if you’re a new dancers, you probably don’t care about that.)
  • There is no dress code for our event. Casual, comfortable, informal clothing is absolutely OK. (If you’d be happier wearing formal square dance attire, that’s OK, too.)
  • We’re also looking into offering a Zesty Contra dance at some point during our event, suitable for both experienced and beginner Contra dancers. It’s a fun and supportive environment for trying something new!